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welfare fraud

the ex started this conversation
I was just informed that my now ex wife received food stamps for 6 months for herself and our three children, and that I am going to be held financially responsible. I do not understand how she even qualified for stamps, she lived in my home during that time because we were not divorced yet. I sent 800 every two weeks to her via direct deposit in her account. I payed 100 of house hold bills, payed her car note, and bought 100 percent of what the children needed. this is in addition to the 800 every two weeks. How do i place a complaint for welfare fraud against her, I do not want to pay back a service she had no business getting in the first place.
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the ex
 in response to CATLUV...   and @catluv....thank you for your input. Although i disagree with how i should handle this matter I appreciate you taking the time to respond
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the ex
 in response to CATLUV...   The money at that time was not child support. and she received benefits in her maiden name, while the checking account is in her then married name. At this point I know she claimed the only income she had coming in was 200 per month. Her stamps got cut when she began working part time at Home Depot. They cut her stamps down for less than 1000 per month. I have done my due dillegence on this. I did not easily come to the decision to report this matter...At this point I simply want assistance in how to report it. I have documentation on everything I have discussed. She received over 2400 per month from me cas, and was responsible for no bills at all..The only bill in her name was her Mercedez mini van, and I payed that bill...It was an auto pay from my bank account as well..
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Also, you mentioned that you made direct deposits? They are able to view your monies in various accounts automatically. So EBT should have been aware of that "income" ... but again, if it's claimed under "Child support" it's a whole other situation.
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